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Please note:

I do not teach Private Classes to Beginners - I believe Beginners need to learn in a group context, and not in isolation.



All private & semi-private lessons will be charged at £30 per hour per person.


Possible Topics for Private Lessons

Private Lessons will generally be of one hour or one & a half hours, to include Warm Up & Cool Down. Longer sessions may be considered, but not shorter ones. Anything less than one hour does not give enough time for the warm up, some reasonable dance time & cool down. Please remember that private lessons can be very intense, and it may not be productive to schedule sessions of more than 2 hours.

A private lesson will be most useful if we can establish in advance what you will be working on. You may want to think about:

  • General Technique- including matters of general Technique, such as Posture, Grounding, Isolation, Internalising, etc, as well as moves, steps & combinations
  • Specific Technique (although this would have to be balanced- It is not recommended to be doing the same move for an hour or more, and it would be very boring for all concerned!)- Going through variations for any of the basic moves, e.g. Camels, Shimmies, Egyptian Walks...
  • Egyptian Styles (Classical, Modern Oriental, Baladi, Folkloric)
  • Specific Skills, such as Veilwork, Melaya-Lef, Stick (only if a venue with a suitable ceiling height can be found)
  • Improvisation
  • Learning one of my choreographies (I can create a choreography specially for the student, by arrangement)
  • Working on a Student’s own choreography


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Updated 24th January 2010